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20 Reasons To Buy A Maine Coon: To Get Maine Coon Or Not?

Maine Coons are one of the most popular breeds of domestic cats. There are many reasons why people love these furry felines, but here are just a few of the top reasons why you should buy a Maine coon.

A Maine Coon has a unique appearance that is both regal and adorable. They are also known for being very friendly and sociable animals, who love to be around their human companions, they are typically quite healthy and long-lived, which is great news for cat lovers! 

If you’re considering getting a Maine Coon as your next companion, read on for more information about this amazing cat breed.

1. Friendly Felines

Maine Coon are often referred to as gentle giants because they tend to be quite. well, gentle.

A Maine Coon cat is not only big and fluffy but friendly as well. This beautiful breed can easily become your best friend!

Most Maine Coon are very gentle, which makes them great with children. They’re known for being especially social too, so if you want a Maine Coon, you will likely have a great companion by your side.

In addition to being gentle and social, Maine Coon are also known for being very intelligent. If you have problems training your Maine Coon cat, don’t worry, because they are very good at learning new tricks.

It’s common for other cat breeds to be aloof but a Maine Coon is different. If you treat yours with love they will definitely return the favor.

2. Smart

Maine Coon are nicknamed the dogs of the cat world and for good reason. They are considered intelligent because they are smart, loyal, and affectionate. They are also very social creatures.

As a pet, the Maine Coon makes an excellent companion for just about anyone. Since this is the case, Maine Coon make good pets for families with children and other animals – even dogs!

There is a reason why Maine coon are intelligent and that’s because they like to be involved in everything that’s going on around them and will follow their owners from room to room and want to know what everyone is doing at all times.

They are also very good at learning tricks such as sitting, shaking hands, and playing dead.

They are very good hunters also. A Maine Coon will bring their prey to you, then play with it for hours or eat it in front of you. Sounds pretty intelligent if you ask me!

One Maine Coon cat owner claims that her Maine coon can tell time because whenever she puts food down, he sits by the door until the clock strikes the right time before he eats his dinner.

If your Maine Coon brings you so much as a grasshopper or sparrow to show off, consider yourself blessed. Many of them have been known to catch mice on their own…. so what do they need you for?

3. Interesting Origins

The Maine coon cat’s history is steeped in mystery and little is known about it. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to speculate about the origin of this beautiful feline.

There are actually two main theories for the origin of these cats. The first one is that they came from Norwegian forest cats and raccoons.

While the second states that they were used as ship’s cats by European immigrants to North America. They were bred from domestic shorthaired cats brought over on ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean and took part in rodent control on board.

Another theory claims that they had their origins in inbreeding between American shorthair and the longhaired breeds such as British Shorthairs and Turkish Angoras, although this theory seems unlikely.

However, its widely believed that they originated in Maine in the United States of America.  Hence the name, Maine Coon.

4. Largest Dometic Cat Breed

The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed in the world. Its body is medium to large and it can weigh between 9-25 pounds and can be as much as 40 inches long.

Even though they are so big, thankfully, they are cheerful giants so they will love being in your lap or on your shoulder.

They are very sociable with people, cats, dogs, and children so this is a good choice if you have a big family. They often get along well with other breeds of cats as well. 

So don’t let their potential size intimidate you or your family members. 

If you are looking for the largest cat breed then look no further than the Maine Coon.

Check out our article on how big can a Maine Coon be if you’re interested in finding out more about Maine Coon size.

5. Sound Unique

The Maine Coon is known to chirp and meow a lot. Some people think it is cute, while others believe the Maine Coon talks too much.

Normal cats meow mainly when they are hungry but Maine Coon cats differ because they have a whole range of focal lengths and tones.

Their singing and chirping are uncommon in other breeds and it makes the Maine Coon special and unique.

6. Playful Maine

You may have heard that cats are only loners who don’t want to play or spend any time with their owners. This is not true for the Maine Coon breed of cat.

Maine Coon are considered very playful cats. In fact, they are one of the most playful breeds.

They love to play and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Many people keep them as pets because along with being friendly and loving, they are also very laid-back cats.

So if you want a cat who loves playing games like fetch and chasing the mouse then a Maine Coon is the best choice for you.

Maine Coon playing with  family
Image Source: sassykoonz

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7. Family Felines

The Maine coon is known to behave very well around infants, children, and the elderly.

They are known to be tolerant around young kids, and babies and they can play gently.

They are very patient and even-tempered, and they make great pets for families who want a cuddly giant around the house.

They are known to be loyal to their family and bond very well with their owners.

8. Good With Other Pets

They are known for their docile and friendly nature to all animals, including cats and dogs.

Their laidback nature means they are rarely aggressive or quarrelsome with other pets, especially if they have been raised with them from a kitten.

Maine Coon females tend to be more aloof than males so if anyone is going to start drama with your other cat or dog it will most likely be the females.

9. Maine Coon Personality: Great Pets

Friends often ask us does the Maine Coon make for a good pet. We always tell them, yes they make great pets, but they are high maintenance.

These beasts are one of the biggest breeds of cats, tipping the scales at around 18 to 20 pounds. Although they have soft silky fur that does not mat easily. It’s also very long which can pose a problem for people with allergies.

They are highly intelligent, curious, and playful. On top of that, they are great with kids and other animals so these characteristics alone make them a great pet.

10. Not Too Needy Not Too Aloof

They can be very independent. However, they love to spend time around their owners.

They are sometimes prone to becoming lonely. So they sometimes may need a little attention if they are left alone for too long.

Also, if they are left alone for too long, Maine Coons may start to show some destructive behavior such as banging themselves off doors and even scraping the furniture.

It is important to remember that they are very sociable so it’s best not to get one if you’re someone with a hectic lifestyle.

11. Love Water

Most cats have a strong disdain for water. However, A Maine coon is well known for its love of water and grooming. These big cats are even strong swimmers!

Perhaps they love swimming because of their semi-water-resistant fur.

They are very friendly and love to be groomed by their owners. In fact, they will sit there and purr as if it is a massage. They sure do enjoy being clean and looking good for their humans!

Some of them have been known to follow their human companions into the shower or bathtub because they enjoy water so much.

Maine Coon in Water
Image Source: The Explorer Cat YT

12. Funniest Cats Ever

Maine Coons are known to have some of the funniest facial expressions in the cat world.

This is because of how their facial hair is arranged. Some of them can have a beard-like pattern under their faces which leads to hilarious facial expressions! They can also have a lot of fur around their necks. This extra fur creates even more funny faces!

They can lighten up your day when you get home from work with their comical facial expressions. Not only that but as we mentioned before, they also make the most adorable and funny chirping noises.

13. Adorable And Unique

Maine Coons feet are the most adorable and unique thing about them. They are like walking fur balls. Their furry feet keep them nice and warm during the cold winter months in Maine (where they originated from).

They also have a mane around their neck that can help keep them warm during the cold winter months like their fur-covered feet! Not only does it keep them warm but it’s also super cute and adorable.

Maine Coons also have the most beautiful eyes that come in a range of colors such as copper, green, and gold.

So the next time you’re going to check out the local Maine Coons for sale make sure to take a look at their furry feet and unique eyes.

14. They Can Be Leash Trained

Nearly every other domestic cat hates being out on a leash. However, the Maine Coon, is an exception.

They tend to not mind being put on a leash and this strait is most certainly a testament to them being “the dogs of the cat world”.

Bear in mind though, that they need to be trained slowly and carefully. If you try to force your cat to wear a collar he might get very stressed out which will make his training go wrong.

Also, a collared leash may not be the best choice for your Maine Coon or any cat for that matter. Try a leash with a harness which can help avoid any stress on the cat’s neck while you’re training it.

15. They are Tough in Cold Climates

Maine Coons are well adapted to withstand even the coldest of weather conditions.

They have tufted paws like snowshoes. This means their paws are fluffy with fur and can help keep them from sinking into the snow.

They also have long fur to protect them from cold harsh conditions.

In wintertime, they do things outdoors that they normally wouldn’t do inside in the summer. Things such as chasing snowballs, playing in the snow, and simply laying down in it.

Maine Coons are very loving creatures. They are not afraid to show their affection even in harsh weather conditions.

In general, they are excellent cats for indoors or out!

16. They Make The Best Cuddle Buddy

Normal cats are not known for being fond of cuddling. However, Maine coons love to cuddle and don’t mind being held.

In fact, they are perfect because being big and fluffy, they make the best cuddle buddy ever!

It’s also possibly due to the fact that Maine coons are very loyal to their owners and don’t like being away from them for too long.

So if you like the sound of having a giant furbaby to cuddle up to in the evening while you watch TV, a Maine Coon is a perfect choice for you.

17. They Can Have Alien Toes

Some Maine Coons are known to be polydactyl which means they have extra toes on their paws. This can look really cool to show your friends.

However, polydactyl was considered undesirable so breeders tried to breed it out of Maine coons.

Polydactyl Maine Coon

18. Strong And Fit Breed

Maine Coons are known for being particularly healthy and resistant breeds.

Although they are not particularly more resilient to disease than other cats breeds, they are considered to be hardy cats overall.

Their huge size is not their only strong point, the health of Maine Coons is also pretty great and an important thing to consider when buying one.

19. So Colorful 

The most special thing about Maine coons is they come in many different types of colors ranging from black, blue, white, red, and cream.

There are even more color combinations such as tabby, smoke, and bi-colors.

It can be tough to hunt down a particular color because some are rarer than others.

It’s advised to get onto a breeder and ask them the colors available before meeting them to save time.

With a little searching, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect Maine Coon color for you.

20. They Are Amazing Hunters

Maine Coons are well known to hunt and bring back prey such as mice to their owners as presents.

Did you know that domestic cats are great hunters and in the United States, cats kill up to three billion small mammals and hundreds of millions of birds annually? This is completely normal cat behavior. 

So if your Maine Coon is practicing its hunting skills treat it as something natural. Your Maine Coon is bringing you the prey as a way to say thanks for looking after him.


So, what are you waiting for? The Maine coon personality is enough reason alone to get one!

If you want to be the owner of one (or more!) let us know! We can help find your new best friend. 

It’s time to get a Maine coon. Let me know in the comment section below if you go ahead with it! We know you will like it!