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Hi and welcome to Lai’s Lair. That’s Lai sleeping on the sofa with his tongue out. He wants to welcome you to his lair. Here at Lai’s Lair, we strive to bring you the best and latest information, guides, and advice on a variety of cat breeds. Our information is fact-based aswel as adding our own personal experience. Take a look around the lair and enjoy your stay.


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How much do Maine Coons cost?

Today’s guide goes in-depth on how much you should pay for a new Maine Coon cat including the factors which affect the differences in price. We discover topics such as pedigree, age, health status, breeder reputation plus more. Get the low down now!

Devon Rex

Learn everything you need to know!


Get the lowdown on this Russian treasure!


Just got a Siamese? Check out our in depth guides!

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