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Maine Coon Size: How Big Do They Grow?

Maine Coons are the biggest domestic cat breeds on the planet. But as a Maine Coon owner, you’re probably wondering, how big will my Maine Coon get?

Well great, because we’ve got all the answers for you. In this guide, we take a deep dive into the question and find out everything about Maine Coons and how big they can get.

Throughout the guide, we measure a Maine Coon as well as other cats using length, height, and weight as references.

Simply judging a cat’s size by their weight wouldn’t be accurate because some normal cats can be obese so they would be considered bigger than a Maine Coon.

Also, Maine Coons are very fluffy which can make them appear much larger than a cat of similar size but with less hair. 

These reasons are why we have considered length, height, and weight as the best measurements for judging a Maine Coon size.

Maine Coons can grow to a whopping 40 inches in length and can weigh between 12 to 18lb. They can reach a height of between 10-16 inches. However, this also depends on the cat’s gender with males being larger than females on average. Maine Coons genetics may play a role and also whether the cat is purebred or not.

Size is most certainly an attractive trait of these gentle giants, that’s why we’ve included it in the list of 20 reasons to buy a Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coon Size Chart(Male v Female)

The sizes in this chart below give the averages of a typical Maine Coon’s size based on the gender of the cat.

However, keep in mind that they are averages, and length, weight, and height can vary wildly. Mainly due to the cat’s diet, genetics, and whether it’s a purebred(purebreds tend to grow bigger).

We have listed the measurements below in both English and Metric systems.

Average MeasurementsMaine Coon(Male)Maine Coon(Female)
Length19-40 inches
48-101 cm
19-40 inches
48-101 cm
Height10-16 inches
25.4 – 40.6 cm
9-14 inches
23 – 35.5 cm
Weight15-25 lbs
6.8-11.3 kg
8-12 lbs

How Big Will They Get? Average Maine Coon

There’s a reason the Maine Coon is nicknamed the gentle giant. That’s because they grow bigger than most other domestic cat breeds.

Most cat breeds stop growing at around 18 months while Maine Coons can grow for 4-5 years with most reaching full adulthood at about the 3 year mark.

The fact that they grow for so long might be the reason why they grow so much bigger than the average cat.

It’s funny because people often ask are Maine Coons illegal due to their sheer size.

Why So Big?

This question is a tough one to answer because there are a lot of stories and theories about why Maine Coons grow so big. But the most likely factor is the breed’s genetics. Maine Coons are native to Maine, a state in the Northeast of the United States known for its extremely harsh winters. 

It’s thought that they adapted to the cold climate by growing longer hair and larger bodies. Even their paws are bigger and hairier than the average cat which may suggest they evolved to walk through snow in Maine. 

Image Source: The British Reporter

Do Male Cats Grow Larger Than Females?

Male Maine Coons tend to grow taller than their female counterparts so it is safe to say that males grow larger than females.

If we reference the chart above we can see that female and male cats can grow to the same lengths but not the same can be said for weight. Males can be near twice as heavy in some cases. 

Again, these measurements are based on averages, and in some cases, males can be smaller and shorter than females. 

Can You Predict The Size Of Your Cat?

Anyone can predict the size of a Maine Coon cat. For example, most male Maine Coons will be 19-40 inches in length, 10-16 inches in height, and weigh an average of 15-25 pounds. Females on the other hand will be smaller measuring 9-14 inches in height and weighing 8-12 pounds. Both male and female cats can grow to the same length.

However, your predictions are never going to be accurate. There are multiple factors at play when it comes to how large a Maine Coon can become. Diet and genetics are the main contributing factors.

In terms of genetics, you can be sure your Maine Coon will grow larger than most other breeds. Diet on the other hand depends on how the owner treats the cat. Overfeeding and spoiling your Maine Coon will certainly contribute to it putting on too much weight.

If you’re interested in how to best feed your Maine Coon, we have some super helpful content for you to check out.

How Much Space Does My Cat Need?

The space your Maine Coon needs depends on the size of the cat. For example, a bigger Maine Coon will need a lot more space than a smaller Maine Coon.

We would highly suggest considering the space you have available in your home before taking a new feline companion home with you.

You’ll most likely be purchasing a kitten when you buy a new Maine Coon but keep in mind the chart above and be prepared for how big these cats can become.

We know from experience living in a small apartment that it became a lot smaller since Lai arrived. They make their presence felt everywhere they prowl and no corner is left undiscovered. 

Also, we have cat scratchers and play tubes that Lai outgrew within a few months so be prepared to purchase new toys when the old ones are too small for your Maine Coon monster.

How Big Is A Coon Compared To A Normal Cat?

A normal cat can weigh anywhere between 8 and 12 pounds whereas a Maine Coon cat weighs between 10 and 20 pounds. In comparison, a Maine Coon cat can weigh anywhere between 2 and 8 pounds more than a normal cat.

In regards to size by appearance, a Maine Coon nearly always looks bigger. This is because of their lustrous coats.

How Long Does It Take For A Maine Coon Cat To Be Full Grown?

For a Maine Coon cat to be full-grown it takes about 4 to 5 years. Whereas most other cat breeds take about 18 months to fully mature. As mentioned before this may be a reason why these cats can grow so large with some owners reporting that their Maine Coon seems to never stop growing. 

You also have to take into consideration that these cats are big-boned and muscular by nature which allows them to weigh more and appear larger.

Coon Size Compared

There’s a lot to delve into in this comparison. After all, there are tons of other cat breeds so we’ll compare them to other cats that are considered large.

Other Large Cats

  1. Siberian Cat
  2. Norwegian Forest Cat
  3. American Bobtail
  4. Ragdoll
  5. Ragamuffin

Maine Coon & Siberian Comparison

Siberian cats and Coons are quite similar when comparing weight but Coons are slightly heavier at 11-21 pounds while Siberian Cats weigh an average of 10-20 pounds. Maine Coons on average are taller and longer than the Siberian Cat. Siberian Cats can grow taller than Maine Coons but only an inch on average.

Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Cat Comparison

A Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats grow to a similar average weight at 11-21 pounds and 8-18 pounds respectively. 

Typically, a Norwegian Forest Cat grows to 9-12 inches tall whereas a Maine can reach 9 to 16 inches tall. The two breeds’ body lengths are the biggest differentiating factor with a Maine Coon reaching an average of 19 to 40 inches and the Norwegian Forest Cat only reaching 12 to 18 inches.

Maine Coon & American Bobtail Comparison

A Maine Coon is on average larger, heavier, and longer in comparison to the American Bobtail. The American Bobtail can weigh up to 16 pounds whereas the Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds. The height of a Maine Coon can be up to 6 inches more and their body lengths can reach up to 19 inches longer than the average American Bobtail. They are simply bigger cats.

Maine Coon & Ragdoll Comparison

The average Ragdoll cat weighs 8 to 20 whereas the average Maine Coon weighs 8 to 25 pounds. Both breeds can grow to a similar height at 10 to 16 inches for the Maine Coon and 9 to 12 inches for the Ragdoll cat. 

Once again, no cats beat the potential length of the Maine Coon at 19 to 40 inches whereas the Ragdolls length reaches 17 to 25 inches. 

Maine Coon & Ragamuffin Comparison

Ragamuffins can weigh the same as a Main Coon with an average weight of 8-20 pounds in comparison to a Maine Coons average weight of 10-25 pounds. A Ragamuffin can be 9 to 12 inches in height so there can be some overlap between the sizes of both breeds. 

Generally, Ragamuffins are not as tall or long but they can weigh more than a Maine Coon at times.

General takeaway from comparing sizes

Most other cat breeds are not as long or tall as the Maine Coon cat but some can be heavier at times. With a length of 19 to 40 inches, it’s clear to see that no other cat breed can beat the Maine Coon in length.

Biggest Maine Coon To Ever Live

The biggest Coon to ever live (and biggest cat to ever live for that matter) was a cat from Nevada called Stewie. He won the Guinness World records reward for the longest cat ever at 48.5 inches long when fully stretched out. 

Image Credit: Guinness World Records

He also held the record for the longest cat tail ever. Stewie, unfortunately, died in 2013 after losing a battle with cancer, RIP Stewie. 


We think we’ve laid out a ton of information in regards to the question, how big will my Maine Coon get?

We also discussed in depth why these beast cats can grow to such a great size and what you can do to prepare for these Monstrous beasts.

You also got an in-depth comparison of how big they are by comparing their size to other breeds.

We think that’s enough of how big a Maine Coon can be. So if you’re thinking about buying one make sure to consider everything in this guide before you do.

If you enjoyed the content make sure to share it with someone you know who keeps a lovely Maine Coon.