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Do Ragamuffin Cats Like Water?

Ragamuffin cats are becoming increasingly popular. But do they like water? Some people say that Ragamuffins love to play with water, while others believe that they hate getting wet. So, what’s the truth? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the evidence and let you decide for yourself!

Although you may have noticed your Ragamuffin cat playing with water. It doesn’t necessarily mean they like water. Some cats just want to play and are curious about water.

Do Ragamuffins Like Water?

Ragamuffins cats love playing with water. They often flick the water from their bowl and lap up water from a running tap or hose. Whether they like to be submerged in water or not comes down to the cat’s preference. Most cats do not like being covered in water and the Ragmaffin is no different.

Why Do Ragamuffins Like Water?

As we already mentioned Ragamuffins cats love to play with water from their bowl.

They’ve even been caught lapping up water from a running shower.

But why do they like playing with water so much? Here are a few reasons why they may love playing with water.

They Are Curious

Ragamuffins cats are a naturally curious breed, and water is one of the most fascinating things for them to explore.

They may play with water because it’s new and exciting to them, or because they’re trying to figure out what it is and what it does.

It’s A Game

Water can be a lot of fun for cats to play with. It’s Moveable, Shiny, And Reflective.

All of these factors make water an interesting and appealing toy for cats.

If you find your Ragamuffin is fascinated with playing with water. A water fountain may be a great addition to your cat’s toy collection.

You can also get fountains with lights built in that will change the water to various colors making it even more fun for your feline friend.

Sensory Stimulation

You may have seen your Ragamuffin pawing the water or putting their mouth under a leaking tap. This is normal too.

Aswel as providing nourishment, the feeling of the water may be stimulating the cat.

The unfamiliar feeling of water running through their paws may be prompting the cat to do it again.

Gauging The Water Level

Another hypothesis is that cats paw the water to see the water level and to check how much water is left in the bowl.

Sticking their paw in first to sus out how much water is there may be a better alternative to sticking their nose in and getting their whiskers all wet.

So it may not be that they are playing with the water at all. It just seems that way from our perspective.

Do Ragamuffin Cats Like Water? Ragamuffin on a bench

Learned behavior

Exposure to water from a young age could play a huge factor in why your Ragamuffin cat likes water so much.

It’s a really good idea to expose your cat to water from a young age. Often it can be difficult to get cats to drink water never mind playing with it.

Making them feel comfortable around water by exposing them to it while they’re kittens can really help them as they get older in life.

How To Help My Ragamuffin Like Water?

We’ve talked about whether Ragamuffins like playing or touching but what about whether they like drinking it.

If you’re worried that your cat isn’t getting enough water there are a few things you can do to help them get more out of it.

First, make sure they have plenty of clean, freshwater to drink. This is especially important in the summer months when dehydration can be a risk.

You can also try adding a few drops of your Ragamuffin’s favorite catnip oil to their water bowl to make it more inviting.

It’s important to note that your cat gets plenty of water from a good mix of wet and dry food.

So make sure the foods you give your Ragamuffin are full of variety.

Do Ragamuffins Have An Undercoat?

Ragamuffins don’t have an undercoat but they are considered semi-long-haired cats.

Some people say that cats with a thick undercoat such as the Maine Coon like water as it protects from feeling the sensation of the water during the rain or a bath.

However, this does ‘t apply to the Ragamuffin as it doesn’t have that thick undercoat.


Do Ragamuffin cats like water? The answer to that question is a little complicated.

Some people believe that all cats hate getting wet, while others believe that they love it.

In this post, we looked at some of the evidence and let you decide for yourself!

We also discussed why Ragamuffins may be drawn to playing with water and what factors could be motivating them.

Whether your cat likes being submerged in water or not comes down to their individual preference – most cats don’t enjoy it.

If your Ragamuffin loves playing with water, consider getting them a water fountain as an addition to their toy collection!