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Can Maine Coons Eat Grass?

Getting your Maine Coon to eat their greens can be a difficult task. Many cats seem uninterested in eating fresh vegetables and will only eat cat food containing the nutrients cats need. Some owners ask themselves, can Maine Coons eat grass?

It’s a good question and we’re here to answer it.

Can Maine Coons Eat Grass?

Maine Coon cats can eat cat grass. It’s always best to give them grass as part of a healthy balanced diet. Too much may lead to stomach issues. A little cat grass a day can be very beneficial for your cat’s health including providing nutrients such as Vitamin A and C.

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Is Cat Grass Good For A Maine Coon Cat?

Yes, cat grass is good for a Maine Coon. Some of the health benefits are great including digestion aid, fiber intake, fewer hairballs, and more.

Cat Grass Benefits #1: Fiber

One of the benefits of feeding your Maine Coon cat grass is the fiber provided.

Without proper amounts of fiber, cats can suffer from constipation and other digestive benefits that would otherwise be easily preventable. 

The benefits of cat grass for fiber are clear, as this green plant contains nearly double the amount of fiber found in other greens, such as kale and spinach.

Cat Grass Benefits #2: Digestion

For cats, the benefits of feeding them grass can be seen almost immediately. Cat grass benefits include aiding in digestion, which can help to decrease instances of diarrhea.

Cat Grass Benefits #3: Removing hairballs

One of the benefits of cat grass for both indoor and outdoor cats is its ability to help remove hairballs. Since cats groom themselves regularly, hairballs can form and cause a variety of issues. 

The benefits of cat grass for this issue helps to remove the fur swallowed by your cat while they’re preening, resulting in fewer hairballs.

Cat Grass Benefits #4: Provides Vitamins and Minerals

Another benefit of cat grass is the vitamins and minerals it provides. As cats are unable to synthesize certain nutrients in their bodies, they must obtain these benefits from their diet.

The benefits of cat grass contain a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A and C.

Cat Grass Benefits #5: Mental Stimulation

Beyond the benefits of cat grass for your cat’s physical health, the benefits of cat grass also come in the form of mental stimulation. Maine Coon cats seem to love the feeling of pulling and biting at the grass.

If you’re interested in learning more about Maine Coon nutrition, check out more of our articles here.

Maine coon eating grass

Where Can I Buy Cat Grass?

You can buy cat grass from most pet shops that sell a wide range of cat products including food and toys. You can also buy cat grass online stores such as Amazon.

You can also consider growing it yourself. All you need is some cat grass seed, a pot or container with soil, and some sunlight. You can find instructions on how to grow your own cat grass below.

You can also grow cat grass by using a combination of wheatgrass and oat seeds. This is because oat grass is the favorite food choice for a lot of cats.

How To Grow Cat Grass?

Cat grass is super easy to grow. It is a fast-growing plant if you give it half an inch of water once or twice a day and keep it in the sun. You’ll have fresh and healthy cat grass in no time. 

If you’re growing it indoors such as in an apartment you can use a plant pot. The plant pot should have holes at the bottom to let excess water out and it needs to be about 3 inches deep to give enough space for the roots. 

Make sure you buy seeds that are specifically for cat grass and not another wheatgrass because they might be too toxic for cats. 

Also, remember to keep the cat grass away from other potentially harmful plants such as cactus or lilies. 

How to Grow Cat Grass Step By Step

Step 1. Dampen the seeds and don’t soak them. You can do this by putting the seeds in a container with water, or you can mist them with a spray bottle.

Step 2. Spread the seeds evenly on top of a small amount of soil in your container. Make sure you only use enough so that they are about half covered in soil.

Step 3. Keep the seeds moist for about 7 days.

Step 4. Cat grass is ready to eat when it has sprouted to about 4 inches in height.

Step 5. Enjoy! Your cats will thank you for helping keep them hydrated and healthy.

How Much Is Too Much Cat Grass?

Generally, your Maine Coon can munch away on cat grass all it wants and it shouldn’t have issues. But like everything, it’s best to be given in moderation and as part of an overall healthy balanced diet. 

If your cat is always trying to eat cat grass and can’t seem to stay away from it. It may be a good idea to let your vet know because it could be related to something lacking in your cat’s diet.


Overall, your Maine Coon will benefit greatly from a little cat grass in its diet and we definitely recommend buying or growing some for your feline friend.