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Can Maine Coon Cats Eat Pizza?

Cats can eat all kinds of human food so people often wonder about all kinds of crazy food such as pizza. But Can Maine Coon cats eat pizza? Is it bad for them or should they stick to cat food? Well, let’s explore the topic and break down what pizza actually is and what it does for cats.

Can Maine Coons Eat Pizza?

Maine Coon cats can eat pizza but they shouldn’t be given pizza for a few reasons. One, it tends to have a lot of salt and seasoning. Two, cheese contains lactose which your cat may be intolerant of or allergic to. Third, pizza doesn’t provide cats with the essential nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. If your cat eats a little bit of pizza it most likely won’t do any harm but it’s best to give them a mix of wet and dry food to ensure they get a healthy balanced diet.

How Much Pizza Can I Give My Maine Coon Cat?

As we already mentioned it’s not a good idea to give your Maine Coon cat pizza.

If they eat a little piece it’s likely not going to cause much harm.

In a worst-case scenario, your cat will vomit or get diarrhea from ingesting the lactose present in the cheese. 

Possible Health Risks Of Pizza For Cats

The possible health risks of pizza for cats can be broken down based on the different ingredients in pizza.


Cheese is a high-fat food and too much of it can cause obesity in cats. On top of that, obesity is a common health issue in Maine Coon cats.

Check out the link if you’re interested in learning more about obesity in Maine Coon cats.

However, cheese is not all bad per se. Cheese, when given in moderation can provide cats with protein, calcium, and lots of Vitamin B12.


Feeding too much bread to your cat may lead to obesity and gastrointestinal problems.

Bread is often filled with sugars and preservatives that may lead to obesity and or tummy issues.

Salt and Seasoning

Pizza tends to be high in salt and seasoning. Too much salt can cause a lot of issues with your cat and may lead to dehydration, vomiting, and lethargy.

Garlic and onion are often put on pizza which is a certain no-no for your cat. Consumption of garlic and onions have been linked to blood clots and causes a cat’s red blood cells to burst.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is high in sugar. A high sugar consumption for a cat may lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, and other health issues.

Pizza Alternatives

There’s tons of other tasty foods you can feed your feline. Pizza is not really a good option for your cat. But make sure to try out these healthier options that your cat will love:

Is Pizza OK for Maine Coon Kittens?

Most certainly not, kittens are in the developmental stage of life and should only be fed soft or wet food while their bodies are getting used to different foods.

Pizza contains far too many ingredients for a kitten to handle.

Best to wait until your Maine Coon cat is an adult (12 months) before you start experimenting with different foods.

Can Cats Eat Pizza Dough or Crust?

Eating a small piece of pizza crust won’t do any harm to your cat. In fact, bread is a healthy safe food for cats to snack on.

Although its considered empty calories for cats, it does contain fiber that can help with your cat’s digestion.

Only give your cat some bread or pizza crust as a treat from time to time.

Once or twice per month is plenty. Remember moderation is key.


So, while Maine Coon cats can eat pizza in small doses, it’s best not to give them this food as their main diet.

There are many other healthy foods that your cat will enjoy, and are better for their overall health.

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian about what is the best diet for your furry friend.

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