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Can Maine Coon Cats Eat Cheese?

Cheese is a dairy product that is made from milk. It comes in many different flavors and textures and is enjoyed by people all over the world. But can Maine Coon cats eat cheese?

It’s a question that pet owners have been asking for years and if they can, is it safe for them to do so?

Is It OK To Give Maine Coon Cats Cheese?

It’s ok to give Maine Coon cats cheese as long as it’s only on occasion and part of a healthy balanced diet. However, some cats are lactose intolerant so feeding them cheese may make them sick. Cats can also be allergic to cheese so it’s best to observe your cat for any symptoms after they have eaten it.

How To Prepare Cheese For A Maine Coon Cat

The best way to give your cat cheese is to slice it into small cubes.

It’s not recommended to give them more than one small cube per serving and no more than once or twice per week.

Cheese should be given to your cat in moderation and as a treat.

How Much Cheese Can I Give My Maine Coon Cat?

If you have established that your cat doesn’t get sick after eating cheese you can try giving them a small piece of cheese mixed into their meal once or twice a week.

A small cube or piece about the size of your thumbnail is more than enough.

It’s important to remember that cats can often have a hard time digesting dairy foods regardless of whether they love cheese or not.

So the smaller the serving the better.

Health Benefits Of Cheese For Cats

Some of the health benefits of cheese for cats include its ability to help with weight control and provide them with important nutrients that they need.

Cheese is also a good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin B12, all of which are important for cats.

Possible Health Risks Of Cheese For Cats

Cheese is a high-fat food and can therefore lead to weight gain in cats.

Additionally, some cheeses contain high levels of sodium which can cause problems with a cat’s blood pressure and heart health.

Cheese can also contain bacteria that can be harmful to cats.

A lot of cats are lactose intolerant so eating cheese may cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Also, cats can be allergic to cheese and may suffer bad side effects from eating it. Some symptoms of a cheese allergy in cats are:

  • Itchy red skin
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • Hair Loss

Alternatives Snacks To Cheese For Cats

If you notice your cat is not well after eating cheese. Don’t worry, there are many other snacks that your cat will love.

Some good snack options for cats include:

Try these snack alternatives next time you’re treating your cat. Just remember that moderation is key when feeding your feline snacks.

What’s The Best Cheese For A Cat?

When choosing the best cheese for cats it’s important to keep in mind a few things. First, it’s best to minimize salt content. Too much salt in your cat’s system can lead to health issues. Look for unsalted cheese next time you are in the supermarket. Second, it’s important to think about the lactose content of cheese. The fewer lactose the better as many cats are lactose intolerant.

Cheese such as hard cheddar, parmesan, cream cheese, mozzarella, and cottage cheese or good cheeses because they contain less lactose.

Can Cats Eat American Cheese?

Never give your cat American cheese slices as they often contain preservatives that can be harmful to your cat.

Also, Blue Cheese is a definitive no as the mold can cause all sorts of digestive issues.

Is Cheese OK For Maine Coon Kittens?

Due to the fact that kittens are still young and growing it’s best to avoid giving them cheese.

Maine Coons become adults at about 12 months old. So it’s best to start giving them cheese as a treat after they have grown up.

Can Cats Eat Feta Cheese?

Yes, cats can eat feta cheese. Like all cheese, it should be given in moderation. Feta is great because it contains less lactose than other cheese.

In fact, feta cheese is a great source of protein for cats.

It also contains calcium, which is important for cats’ bones and teeth.


In the article, we discussed everything you need to know about giving your Maine Coon cat cheese.

The first thing to keep in mind is that cats can’t eat American Cheese because it contains preservatives. It’s also best not to feed kittens any form of dairy until they are 12 months old, so don’t give them food with milk or cheese as a treat.

Some good cheeses for cats include hard cheddar, parmesan, cream cheese, mozzarella, cottage cheese, and feta due to their lower lactose content and higher protein levels.

Feta is actually one of the best cheeses for cats since it has less lactose than other types such as blue cheese which should be avoided.