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Are Ragamuffins Lap Cats?

Ragamuffins are a unique breed of cat that many people think make great lap cats. While they certainly have the capacity to be affectionate, it’s important to understand the needs of this independent feline before you bring one home.

In this post, we’ll explore whether Ragamuffins are truly lap cats or if they prefer their own space.

Are Ragamuffins Cats Lap Cats?

Ragamuffins are well-known lap cats and are often found cuddling into their owners. Their affectionate and docile nature makes them perfect cuddle buddies. They are known as the teddy bears of the cat world because they are so cuddly and snuggly.

Ragamuffins are Affectionate Pets

These cats are known for their affectionate and docile nature. Owners have even reported that they are very dog-like cats.

They’ve taught them how to play fetch and some even to sit on command.

But what people love the most about Ragamuffins is their loveable nature.

They are known to follow their owners around everywhere and regularly brush up against them.

Below are some typical examples of a Ragamuffins affectionate nature:

  • Cuddling into you as you lie on the sofa or couch.
  • Nipping their owner’s chin and headbutting them.
  • They approach you and demand your attention with meows. They’ll even sit in front of the TV to block the view.
  • Follow you around and start screaming if they lose sight of you.

What Is A Lap Cat?

Lap cats are cats that are known to be affectionate and love a cuddle every now and then.

The lap is a reference to the cat jumping up into its owner’s lap and lying there. Some cats may even sleep there for the day.

If your Ragamuffin isn’t really showing signs of being a lap cat you are best off just accepting your cat’s nature.

However, if you want them to be more affectionate, here are some things that may help.

Ways you can train a Ragamuffin cat to be a lap cat:

While you’re sitting down use your hands to tap your lap.

If your cat jumps up and lays there. Make sure to give them lots of pets and positive reinforcement such as treats.

That’s the only thing you can do. If your cat catches on and enjoys it make sure to keep it consistent.

Why Ragamuffins Are Good Lap Cats

We already talked a lot about Ragamuffins cat’s nature. But why does that make them a good lap cat? Let’s explore the reasons why:

Affectionate Cat

Again, these lovely cats are renowned for their affection and companionship with their humans.

They are rarely aggressive unless provoked and tend to always have a calm demeanor.

Their Fur Is So Soft

There’s a reason why they are known as the Teddys Bears of the cat world.

That’s because they’re so soft and cuddly to touch. And who doesn’t want to cuddle into a big soft teddy bear?

Ragamuffins Are Vocal

Not only do they meow a lot when you’re around but they’ll headbutt and nip you to show their affection towards you.

Source: Dailypaws

Why Ragamuffins Are Not Good Lap Cats

We’ve talked about the reasons why they are good lap cats. Now let’s talk about the potential drawbacks of these little teddy bears being lap cats.

They Can Be Heavy

Ragamuffin cats are big and they can be quite heavy. Females can weigh up to 15 pounds and males up to 20.

Even though this may not seem that heavy, It can be more of an issue for elderly people or children.

Shed a lot

Ragamuffins are big and hairy with a thick coat. A big cat and a thick coat mean lots of shedding.

So if you’re going to let your Ragamuffin up on your lap be prepared to be clearing hairs galore.

Are Ragamuffins Cats Affectionate?

Yes, Ragamuffins are known for their affectionate nature and love of cuddles.

They are often found following their owners around and seeking attention.

If your Ragamuffin isn’t really showing signs of being a lap cat, you can train them to be more affectionate using positive reinforcement.

Do Ragamuffins Like To Be Held?

Owners of Ragamuffins often wonder, do Ragamuffins like to be held? The answer is not really.

While they may enjoy being around their human and meowing for attention, they don’t usually like to be picked up and held.

This is because Ragamuffins are big cats and they don’t like to feel restrained.

Cats are in their element when they get what they want. If your cat is noticeably uncomfortable while you’re holding them.

It’s best to put them down because forcing it only builds a negative correlation with being held.

Do Ragamuffins Like To Cuddle?

As we’ve mentioned before Ragamuffins are known for their affectionate nature. However, each Ragamuffin may have his or her own preferences.

Some Ragamuffins may love to cuddle up on their human’s lap, while others may prefer to keep their distance.

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual Ragamuffin to decide whether or not he or she wants to be a lap cat.

Are Ragamuffins Cats Playful?

Ragamuffins cats are very playful when they engage with you for play. Most of the time you’ll find them lounging.

However, if they want to play you’ll know all about it. They have even been reported to learn to fetch.

Make sure to stock up on lots of bell balls and stringed mice if you want to keep up with a Ragamuffins energy to play.

Best Lap Cat Breeds

Here is a list of some of the more well-known lap cats. If you notice, the Ragdoll is on the list. A direct relative of the Ragamuffin.


This article has talked about the many reasons why Ragamuffins are great lap cats.

Whether you’re looking for a companion to cuddle with or someone who can be your furry teddy bear, these affectionate creatures have it all.

It’s important that this is something both parties want because forcing a cat into being held may only make them more uncomfortable in future situations.

Take the time to get to know your pet and see if they would like the opportunity to become an intimate part of your life before making any decisions on how often they should interact with you when sitting on your lap.